Gay History for Straight People!

March 4 - February 4, 2023


GAY HISTORY FOR STRAIGHT PEOPLE! is a celebration of our big gay world, all of it, everything from GAY to Z, hosted by Leola, your favorite Kelly Clarkson-worshipping, senior citizen, redneck lesbian. Leola invites audiences to take her slightly arthritic & well-moisturized hand and skip through Leola’s interpretation of gay history. There will be jokes, store-bought snacks, prizes, and who knows – one lucky audience member may even win a gently used face mask, based on availability. What a bargain!

Written and performed by Will Nolan, GAY HISTORY FOR STRAIGHT PEOPLE! is an over-the-top, rainbow cladded sermon from Leola, who is on a mission to serve up some much-needed national group therapy, one audience at a time.

GAY HISTORY FOR STRAIGHT PEOPLE! won a 2020 and 2021 BroadwayWorld Cabaret Award for Best Spoken Word. Leola is also the winner of the Long Island City Flying Solo Festival two years in a row, and she has appeared across the country in a variety of fringe festivals, regional theaters, hosted Pride celebrations and entertained at middle-aged birthday parties doing her best to bring you spectacles that have been compared to Dame Edna’s hillbilly cousin giving a TED Talk.

The 2018 Atlanta Fringe Festival called Leola a “…touching performer,” and [a] “fantastic character with a great connection to the audience…. wildly hilarious, deeply intellectual and poignant.”

Broadway World says:  “As Leola herself proclaimed she is indeed ‘on a mission to heal this country one audience at a time,’ and in this mission, she completely succeeds. . .  (One has) the feeling of watching a finely tuned humorist with her finger on the pulse of right now, today now, and her tongue planted permanently in her cheek.”

And online entertainment blog Hotchka stated:  “Move over Dame Edna . . . there is a new gurl in town!”


WILL NOLAN (Creator) hails from Atlanta, but has been in the New York City area since 1994. A performer, writer and director, Will spent several years as the male half of the sketch comedy duo Naked Dog Walking, giving birth to Leola. Will has performed as part of the highly successful Mortified series in New York. He’s had pieces published and animated for the live comedy series Mortified, and filmed a pilot for Comedy Central.  Check out his animated monologue on YouTube. Besides writing for Naked Dog Walking and Mortified, Will has written numerous plays, including When the Mayonnaise Goes Bad with Stephen Kaplan. His plays have been produced throughout New York City. He is a husband and father living in Northern New Jersey, and is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild of America.

To learn more about Leola and her creator, Will Nolan, visit for more information, including recent reviews and upcoming shows.

You can stalk Leola on all social media at @leolasladyland.