Become a Member

Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of Our Theater

Bergen County Players relies on the support of our volunteer members to bring the highest quality theater to our stage. But we are more than simply a volunteer organization: we are a family, with bonds drawn out of a common passion for all aspects of theater. (In fact, we’ve had many a marriage come out of meetings made right here – move over, dating apps!)

We can only exist with the help of neighbors and friends ready to step up and say, “I want to get involved.” If you are one of them, we invite you to become a part of our family!

We offer many ways for you to become involved in the magic of theater. Has acting on stage always been your dream? Maybe the idea of standing under the lights gives you hives, but the prospect of working the lights or the sound system sets your heart aflutter? Are you a “people person” who would love to sell tickets in the box office or greet people and usher them to their seats? Whatever your strength or inclination, you can do your part to help keep this non-profit community treasure thriving.

You say you don’t know a thing about any of these theater skills? Not to worry, we can teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled “theater person.”

Membership Has Its Privileges

As a member, you receive a number of benefits which include:

  • Invitations to attend special Member-only events including VIP events, our annual dinner dance, holiday party, family summer BBQ/swim party and many more
  • A subscription to the Spotlight, our monthly newsletter which keeps you informed of all the important dates, auditions, and goings-on at BCP and latest news about our members
  • Special consideration when auditioning for a show
  • Mentor programs to learn all different types of jobs within the theater such as Producing, Lighting, Set Design and many more

Membership Opportunities

What do you have to do to become a member?  When joining BCP, you will become an “Associate Member”, during which time you will have a chance to “learn the ropes”. During this period, we will ask you to help out in the following ways:

  • Usher for about 2-3 performance dates per season
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 work sessions during the season (i.e.: set strikes, general cleanup days or set-building workdays)
  • Complete 1 backstage job for a Mainstage production. Examples of these jobs include running lights and/or sound, props, publicity, writing bios for programs, costumes, makeup and hair, photography, etc. OR complete 2 backstage jobs for 1 Second Stage production, 2 workshop productions, or 1 Second Stage and 1 workshop production
  • Associate Membership Dues are $36

After the Associate Membership period is over and you have completed all your opportunities, the membership will vote you into full membership status.

Once you become a full member, we ask that all members usher 2-3 times per season and pay your annual membership dues. Of course, we hope that like most of our members, you will continue to stay active with BCP onstage and off for many years.

Want to Learn More? Ready to Join Us?

Intrigued by the prospect of becoming a member but want to know more about it? The easiest way is to come to the theater for the next New Member Orientation, scheduled once per month. It is there that you will learn more about the perks and requirements of membership, have all your questions about membership answered, get a tour of the theater, and – we hope! – start your Associate Membership.

Our next New Member Orientation is listed on BCP Backstage, which you can find on our front page or you can message our Membership Vice President, to find out when the next meeting is scheduled. You may also call her at (201) 261-4200, mailbox #7.