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298 Kinderkamack Road, Oradell, NJ 07649


Bergen County Players, inc.


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It's Only A Play: Auditions


December 7, 2017 (Thursday) at 7:30pm
December 9, 2017 (Saturday) at 10:30am

Call-backs: (by invitation only)
December 11, 2017 (Monday) at 7:30pm


Bergen County Players
298 Kinderkamack Road
Oradell, NJ 07649

  • PETER AUSTIN - the playwright - 40’s + -  He had a hit play nine years ago and tonight is the premier of his new play. His love of pure theater is his driving force.
  • JAMES WICKER - the playwright’s best friend and actor 40’s + - He and Peter rose to fame together  but he abandoned the theater - and Peter -  to star in a hit TV show - which has been cancelled.  Peter wrote the lead in this current play for him - but he refused to be in it due to his TV schedule.
  • VIRGINIA NOYES - the leading lady - 50’s – 60’s - Once a famous Broadway actress, she went to Hollywood for the fortune and fame - which she achieved.  But that world ended - abruptly - and now  she is back on Broadway with legal troubles, drug issues, and an ankle bracelet to monitor her whereabouts.
  • ULIA BUDDER - the producer - 50’s+ - She has worked hard to go from an investor and rise above the crowd to become an independent producer.  Tonight is the night when she hopes to show everyone she can produce a hit.
  • FRANK FINGER - the director - 30’s - Frank is the young director has never experienced failure - for which he desperately longs to experience.  He knows his work is full of artifice, but no one will call him on it - will tonight be that night?
  • IRA DREW - the critic - 60’s+ - Ira is a cruel critic who has panned Peter in the past - he has an ulterior motivation for being in the room.
  • GUS P. HEAD - the temporary “wait staff” help - 20’s+ - Gus, fresh off the farm,  is an aspiring actor- singer who is working the party, taking coats and bringing food and drinks.  Will this night take him to his first role on Broadway? (The actor playing Gus - must sing (“Defying Gravity” from Wicked.)

Auditions will be closed. Actors, in addition to reading from the script, will be asked to perform improvisations (provided by the director).

Actors should read the play and be familiar with the basics of the story and of the character for which they are auditioning.  Actors should also be prepared to specify the character for which they are auditioning but be open to the director’s request to read for another.

Audition scenes/monologues are included below and are identified by pages in the text, characters, and lines that start and end the scenes. Please review the scenes/monologues that contain the characters in which you are interested. Memorization is not necessary. Please note - these are potential audition scenes/monologues. All scenes/monologues will not be read in all auditions.


pp. 8-9 - Gus/James - (I’ve seen this one … I love playwrights.)
pp. 11-12 - James - monologue - (I’m in New York … Watch this one be a hit)
p. 14 - Virginia - monologue -  (I don’t have to call in again … I’m sorry, you want a hit?)
pp. 14-16 - Virginia/James - (He’s cute - too familiar but cute … I mean that in the best possible sense of the word.)
p. 16-17 Frank/James - (They’re all phonies down there … Mrs. Budder is one of my closest …)
pp. 19-21 - Julia/James -  (cut Gus) (Thank you! Isn’t is exciting … Sheer creative bliss.)
pp. 21-23 - Gus/James/Julia - (The cast of Hamilton is leaving … I’m sure you are wonderful.)
p. 24 - Ira - monologue - (You can stop right now … That’s about it.)
pp. 27-28 - Peter - Monologue - (cut Julia and James) (A Streetcar Named Desire … Sorry, I somehow got backed up on it again.)
pp. 29-31 - Peter/James - (Guess how many times I threw up today? … It was fourteen lines. I was on a roll that season.)
pp. 36-37 - Ira/Virginia/Julia/Frank/Peter/James - (Is there a bathroom in here? … It’s just your work I can’t stand.)
pp. 48-51 - Peter/James (cut Julia and Ira) - (That’s terrible Jimmy … Thank you, Peter, now give me that.)
pp. 51-52 - Julia/Peter - (cut Virginia) - (I’d rather not have produced this play … All we need is one strong quote and I’ll run this play forever.)
p. 53 - Frank - monologue - (I’m fine. I feel good. … Here I don’t need these anymore.)
p. 59 - Monologue - Peter - (I’ll give you your play … Even you, Mr. Drew)
Additional scenes will be added for callbacks.

Electronic copies of the script are available from the director, Peter Colletto through email at kilgore218@gmail.com.
If you would like a hard copy of the script, contact Peter Colletto.
For questions, contact Peter Colletto at kilgore218@gmail.com or by phone/text at 201-679-8244

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